Concluding the study seminar on youth work and violent radicalisation

Concluding the study seminar on youth work and violent radicalisation


The Sibiu study seminar on the topic of youth work and prevention of violent radicalisation presents two of it's major outcomes: the european youth work tools and activities on the prevention of violent radicalisation and the dynamic youth work map.

The map is available for downlaod following this link

During the implementation of this work plan it quickly became evident that youth work means different practices in different countries and it was at point s even unconceivable to compare the practices. If the different activities that youth workers propose cannot be compared what European lessons are there to learn from. Based on the projects presented during the Sibiu study seminar we constructed also the dynamic road map. The tool of valuable in different contexts and applicable to different types of youth work that exist in different Council of Europe member states.

The map is avaialble on the campaign website. On campaign site we have also complimented the map with a series of youth work activities examples. Is not the intention of ECYC to give ‘’recipes’’ but rather to start a dialogue around the common points of development for youth work, within the specific context of extremist violence prevention.

This work plan, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, was initiated in the beginning of 2017 with the support of the Fédération des Centres de Jeunes en Milieu Populaire (FCJMP) and the Romanian Youth Non-Governmental Organizations Forum (RYNGOF). 

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