ECYC GA in Iceland


On February 10-11, representatives from 10 Member Organisations of ECYC gathered in Reykjavík, Iceland, for the latest ECYC General Assembly. The agenda included presentations and discussions on the ECYC work plan 2017 on violent radicalisation, the Structured Dialogue, best practices on dealing with troubled young people and violent radicalisation, EU funding opportunities, ECYC's position paper on youth work's role in preventing violent radicalisation, visits to youth clubs and more. 

Prior to the GA, the Bureau of ECYC met for the first time this year to discuss current projects and issues. Lastly, we  would like to thank Samfés for the hospitality and support!

The next ECYC will meeting is the Chief Executives and Presidents meeting taking place in Aalborg, Denmark from May 18th to 21st 2017.


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