Election of the new ECYC Bureau - Calls open!

Election of the new ECYC Bureau - Calls open!


At the next General Assembly, full members of ECYC will elect a new Bureau for the mandate 2018 - 2020. The call for a President, three Vice-Presidents and a Treasurer is already out and you cand find it via this link. Here are the nomination forms for:

- President

- Vice-Presidents

- Treasurer

According to the statutes of ECYC, the Bureau shall oversee the day-to-day business of ECYC and will have the following responsibilities
•    implementation of policy
•    appointment and management of staff
•    entering into contracts and agreements
•    monitoring and evaluation to meet internal and external quality standards
•    management of finances
•    decide on matters concerning membership
•    external representation
•    communication with member organisations
•    management of statutory procedures, bodies and working structures

The next GA of ECYC is going to take place in London, UK, on June 8-9. It is already possible to register via this link.

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