European Youth Clubs and Youth Work Calendar

European Youth Clubs and Youth Work Calendar



Ungdomsringen Yearly Music festival - Denmark

KOKEN Alcohol prevention campaign;  all year event – Cyprus

Youth Work Ireland Consensus Process, all year event - Ireland

Samfés-Con: educational days, practical and info of new ideas - Iceland

Youth Academy Finland Pilot service design, workshops in developing youth services through service design methods – Finland

Ungdom og  fritid’s 40th anniversary, all year event - Norway

Youth Academy Finland project on the prevention of marginalization among youth ‘MAHIS’ turns 20 years old – Finland

FYCA KA2 Capacity building youth studies, all year long event - Armenia


General Assembly of KOKEN - Cyprus

Launch of new member offer. Parliamentary Event – UK Youth

ECYC Chief Eexecutives and Presidents meeting - Europe

bOJA Work on a strategy on global learning – Austria

ECYC deadline on Structured Dialogue consulations – Europe, 23rd Feb.

FCJMP new decree for youth clubs -  Belgium, Wallonia


Ungdom og fritid publish handbook for youth – Norway

Samfés – music festival 2 days - Iceland

Samfés Still, design competition – Iceland

Annual meeting of members of DOJ - Swizerland

Publishing of DOJ’s position paper on extremism - Swizerland


Ungdomsringen Show off – Denmark

Ungdom og fritid's annual member meeting – Norway

Youth york Ireland week - Ireland

Youth work Ireland's Irish youth music awards - Ireland

Youth Academy Finland exhibition “20+12 stories on (youth) participation at youth organizations – Finland

Ungdom og fritid's National youth club day – Norway


Youth forum of clubs of Armenia – Armenia

FCJMP's tools of active pedagogy - Belgium, Wallonia


E.Y.E 2018 Strasbourg 1-2/6/17 - Europe

bOJA evaluation of our Structured Dialogue method labs - How can disadvantaged and/or non-organized youth participate in the SD? – Austria

ECYC's General Assembley - Europe

UK Youth's Youth voice conference - UK


FYCA's Vardavar International Festival, national water holiday - Armenia

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Ungdomsringen Music starter – Denmark

ECYC's Chief Executives and Presidents meeting – Europe

DOJ Conference of professional development – Swizerland

FCJMP's Colloquium of radicalism prevention – Wallonia, Belgium

bOJA European youth conference in Vienna: How can the SD become more inclusive? - Austria 


Ungdom og fritid's Youth worker conference – Norway

UK  Youth awards - UK

Formaat's Youth club day – Belgium, Flanders

bOJA's annual conference of open youth work Austria (topic: youth work in rural areas) - Austria

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