European Youth Clubs Secret Santa

European Youth Clubs Secret Santa


What is it and how it works?

Friendship is more than a popularity contest! The European Youth Clubs' Secret Santa is an initiative meant to create connections between European Youth Clubs that would have most likely not entered in contact otherwise.

The program is initiated and maintain by volunteers of the European Confederation of Youth Clubs and it is a volunteer activity where youth clubs can enter in a direct exchange of gifts.

Christmas is only a few weeks away and what is more festive than connecting youth clubs all over Europe?

Starting from today, November 13th, and until the evening of November 25th, you can sign up your youth club for the European Youth Clubs’ Secret Santa!


How does it work?

1. Sign up via this link (it will only take you a few seconds!)

2. On November 27th, we will send you an email informing you with which youth club (from another country) yours matches

3. You mail off a gift. Once you do, please send an email to with the track number of the package, so that we know where it is

4. Later on, you receive a gift yourself!

5. Send a thank you note and a picture for your Secret Santa to, we will make sure your Secret Santa receives it and we will share it on our social media

So...What are you waiting for??? Sign up now!!

If you have any issues or questions, please check the FAQ on the website first: For any concern not covered in the FAQ, drop us a mail at with the title ‘Secret Santa’.