Spice up your leadership!

Spice up your leadership!


In the middle of May, 34 participants from 17 European countries arrived in Hungary with one common task, to attend the study session „Spice up your leadership!“. The session was a cooperation between ECYC, Rural Youth Europe and the Council of Europe. The prep team were getting a little nervous because the Icelandic ash cloud was affecting the travel schedule of many participants. In the end all the participants made it safely to Budapest, even though some were delayed. 

The aims of the study session were:

  • Provide youth leaders and current or potential board members from across Europe with the skills, knowledge and tools to become effective leaders of their organisations.
  • Support our MO‘s through capacity building and explore together how to lead youth organisations.
  • Exchange good practices on leadership in youth organisations.
  • Provide youth leaders and current or potential board members with a European perspective on youth work.

This week we spent together in the European Youth Center in Budapest was a great time and I hope everyone arrived home with their backpack full of methods, ideas and better leadership skills. I want to thank all participants and prep team for a wonderful week.


Written Bjarni Thordarson